Volunteer Opportunities

Help us deliver amazing experiences at all our events, including home tours, talks and walks, parties, and special events throughout the week.

Volunteer Roles

With so many events happening, there are a ton of ways to get involved!

Our volunteers have as much fun as we do! They attend the event for free AND represent the Denver modernism community by helping attendees with things like: finding their way around the event, providing information and expertise, planning events, and welcoming them at events, parties, tours, and celebrations.

Here are a few types of volunteer roles we have an open call for:

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Home Tour Ambassadors

Our ambassadors help homeowners keep an eye on designated rooms during tours, and they remind attendees about any rules our homeowners have requested, such as no photography, or what spaces are off-limits. They help provide any information about the home or decor that the homeowners have shared, help give directions on entrance/exit options, or additional information unique to the home. Docents love to interact with attendees and help them have a safe, fun experience. Homeowners are grateful for an extra hand on deck to help out.

Event Chaperones

Event chaperones attend tours with attendees. They help out the speaker with any needs that arise, and the attendees with any logistical questions they have about things like tour start and end time(s) and locations.

Event Planners / Coordinators

A small and mighty team of event planners and coordinators identifies new event ideas and then takes them from idea to execution. This team fills in all the logistical needs, coordinates with speakers and venues, and books all the details that are needed. Our past attendees have the best ideas for new events!

Ticketing and Check-in

This team handles ticketing, scanning pre-purchased tickets, check-in, handing out programs, giving tips, guidance, reminders, handing out booties or other tour needs, and parking guides.

Setup and Teardown

Volunteers handle sign placement, the delivery of materials, setting up A/V needs, stage or tent support, and more.

Guest Appearances and Support

Members of this team look for help with coordinating and chaperoning many types of special requests throughout the year. Sometimes the team is asked to compliment an event by getting dressed up in their mid-century finest, or they schedule a meet and greet with our latest Miss Modernism Pageant winner, or they’re involved in some other fun way.

Marketing and Photography

Social ambassadors are needed to help document and share the fun on our social media pages. Got an eye for photographing homes, people, and events? Have a great method, process, and love of posting for engagement? We’re looking for a team of hashtag hounds who are ready and willing to document and share the delight of the week with our digital fans.

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