Retrovation Expo

August 20, 11 am – 4 pm
I.M. Pei’s Tower Building
at the Sheraton Downtown

Photo by Frederick Matzen

Our new Home RetroVation Expo offers current and aspiring homeowners the chance to learn how to smartly renovate and decorate mid-century modern homes. You’ll hear from industry-leading experts, designers, brands, and services about how to plan and design mid-mod home renovations. This event includes lunch, expert speakers, and a vendor showcase.

RetroVation happens when you have a mid-century modern house and want to renovate it back to what it would have been like when it was originally built. You’re bringing the past back to make it more era-appropriate while keeping it functional. You need to use the design, materials, and approaches that will fit with the architecture of the era.

Photo by Frederick Matzen
Built in 1960, I.M. Pei’s Tower Building at the Sheraton Downtown was part of the Courthouse Square urban renewal project created by I.M. Pei & Associates, and is thought of as a modernist masterpiece. During the talks, events and lunch you will have access to see this historical building.

Come and learn about how to design with the trueness of mid-century in mind. This event is for those of you who aspire to be mid-modern homeowners and those who want to decorate in a mid-modern style. You can learn how to make the best use of what you already own, and you’ll have the opportunity to shop for what you need with the guidance of home renovation and design companies and mid-century home décor brands. There will be interior decorators on hand to help you.

This is the place to come if you’re looking for help in renovating respectfully or if you’re looking to D.I.Y. correctly. We want to help you do it the right way so that the significance of your home is intact. We’ll have specialists on hand who can help research that significance for you. Let’s make sure that you aren’t simply relying on Home Depot as you renovate, and therefore sacrificing your home’s character.

With the rising costs of materials, it’s common to not have the money for a full mid-modern “retrovation” of your home. Our Expo is structured so you will learn how to use various products and services to bring some of the mid-modern life back to your home, especially if it has been remodeled since that era. You will learn how to use the right materials, and get the most bang for your “retrovation” buck.

Here at the Home RetroVation Expo, you can learn thoughtful, intentional ways to renovate in a mid-modern style and connect with designers and brands who can help you keep and retain the luster of your mid-mod home. Whether you’re looking to undo more recent upgrades, you want more information about the history and value of your house, you want to add design and décor elements that don’t break the bank, you want to meet with others who are “retrovating,” or you just bought a mid-modern home and want to “retrovate” it, come on down and join us!

At the Home RetroVation Expo, you’ll meet:

  • Interior Designers
  • Home Renovation Companies
  • Landscape Designers
  • Designers & Builders
  • Home Decor and  Mid-Mod Home Brands
  • and more!

And while you’re visiting our exhibitors at this upscaled event, join us for educational presentations from:

  • Specialized home renovation and design companies that cater specifically to the needs of mid-century modern homeowners, who will bring their renovation products, lighting, appliances, fixtures, landscaping designs, and furniture. With the help of these companies, you can achieve the mid-century home aesthetic you’re dreaming of!
  • Mid-century home décor brands and Retroinspired companies will be there showcasing their midcentury-minded or inspired selections that complement every home style, and yet are particularly fitting for our 6,000+ metro Denver mid-modern era homes.

2022 Scheduled Line Up of Speakers:

How to Master Plan a Mid-Century Remodel You’ll Love

Della – Mid Mod Midwest

11:15 – noon

Yes, you can plan an update for your MCM that’s just right for you, makes the most of your home’s era, and even fits your budget!  

Come walk through the five steps of any successful Mid-Century home remodel with me.  Together we will: Dream up the home life you want to have,  Discover what you need to know to be the expert on your house, Distill your personal mid-century Style, Draft great options and choose the ones that work, and then Develop your Master Plan.  Keep the project on track whether you want to take it all on this year, or tackle it project by project over the next decade.  

Learn how to preserve the mid-century charm your home already has, and restore or add more, while you tailor your house into a home.

Della is a residential architect, Mid Mod obsessive, and owner of a 1952 ranch house in Madison Wisconsin.  She is the founder of Mid Mod Midwest, a residential design firm that helps homeowners match midcentury homes to their modern lives and creator of the Ready to Remodel, the remodel master planning online course!  Follow on Instagram @midmodmidwest or check out the Mid Mod Remodel Podcast for more!


Insta: @midmodmidwest

Podcast: Listen here

How to Execute Your MCM Renovation 

Amanda Erck – Glitter and Grout

1 – 1:45pm

You’ve got the inspiration, you’ve made a plan, maybe you’ve already consulted with a designer or architect….now what? 

Amanda Erck, a licensed General Contractor, will walk you through the process of bringing your plans to life! From determining what you can DIY to deciding which professionals are the best for you and your project, learn the tricks of the trade and get ready to put those plans into action! 

Amanda is licensed General Contractor, rainbow-haired lady tiler, and the proprietor of Glitter & Grout. She entered the renovation world in 2014 after purchasing her home in Denver and learning (the hard way) about cockroach infestations, structural damage, and cast iron plumbing. She, like many elder-millennials, has a bachelor’s degree that she rarely uses, and owes an apology to her high school algebra teacher, to whom she swore she would ‘never use math like this as an adult.’

Utilizing the Right Window to Fit Your Home

Isaac Shilling – Lifetime Windows


An overview of window options and benefits.  Analyzing different frame materials; vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglass. Question and answer session.

MCM Lighting: Beyond Sputnik

Brooke Macklin – Urban Lights


How to approach mid-century modern lighting to create a timeless, never kitschy, look.  The new classic  that never goes out of style.

Brooke is an Interior Designer and Lighting Designer with over 20 years experience across multiple disciplines. She is currently a Lighting Designer with Urban Lights Denver, and is partner in her own Interior Design and Drafting company, 3 Trees Design & Drafting, Inc.  She is currently serving as a judge for the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes, and is active in the HBA Metro Denver, NAHB, among other organizations.  She loves designing, building, and remodeling homes, with a special passion for lighting design!

Eco Modernism in Mid Century Modern Landscapes

Dustin Wright – Living Earth Designs


If you live in a Mid Century Modern home and you are wondering, “What do I do with my landscape,” we are here to guide you through a set of eight design principles that we have developed through our work with these amazing homes that both supports the architecture and the local ecology. 

State of the State: All Things MidMod Update: 

Adrian Kinney


Is MCM a trend: The Homes, the Style? What are the values of the MCM homes doing? Is MCM furniture still valuable? Is this just a Denver thing, or is this MCM love happening everywhere? Come get the state of all things MCM from Denver’s MCM Real Estate and design person, Adrian Kinney!

Insider tips for an MCM Remodel, from an Experienced MCM Retrovator

Adrian Kinney – Adrian Kinney


Adrian Kinney, who has renovated 7 Cliff May homes in Denver’s Cliff May Enclave. A home in Lynwood, and design consultation on many other clients’ homes! Hear what renovation methods work, don’t work, where to find materials, and how certain designs play out in the marketplace for return on value.


Been There Done That

Moderator: Della

Panel: Atom Stevens, Jennifer Cooper, Josh Robinson

Lunch time Panel noon-12:45pm

Jennifer: Jennifer Cooper owns the first home built in Arapaho Hills, designed by Edward Hawkins, in Littleton. It was the model home for Arapaho Hills. We will discuss our projects and challenges with renovating and updating an original MCM home. 

Josh: Josh Robinson is Senior Project Designer at KEPHART Architects, President of Docomomo Colorado, and is known for his talks and activities relating to Modernist architecture across the city and state.

Robinson is also the President of the Ghost Town Club of Colorado, and participates in roles relating to education and preservation of those historic sites. In his free time Josh is restoring a 1955 Modernist home designed by Norton Polivnick in the historic community of Sunset Lanes.

Josh is also currently in the midst of a mid-mod retrovation.

Atom:   Atom Stevens has done plenty of work on his own MCM home in Harvey Park, but he has also spent that last decade or so helping homeowners understand the concepts and ideas behind their mid-century modern homes through a lens of both architectural design and historical context!


Ask an Architect at the DOCOMO / CO Booth

Discuss your home renovation ideas or plans with the architects and designers of Docomomo US/CO, a local advocacy group for the modern movement. Bring your ideas, sketches, designs, and dreams to sign up and spend 20 minutes with an expert who can guide you on next steps, considerations, and input from experts who’ve done it! 

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