Mid Mod Home Tours

With over 6,000+ mid-century modern homes in the Denver Metro Area, we love to share these marvels and revel in inspiration and awe!

Photo by Atom Stevens – https://www.atom.photos/

Denver Modernism Week hosts neighborhood tours featuring some of the most famous neighborhoods in town. We also showcase individual homes in our signature home tours.

Neighborhood Home Tours

Mid-century home builders created many enclaves here in Denver, from Arapahoe Acres, the first-ever mid-century neighborhood designated with national historic registration, to the sleepy community enclaves of Dream Home Acres and South Dahlia Lane. We feature stand-out neighborhoods that have their own story to tell. The Week hosts 4-8 neighborhood tours a year. Each neighborhood has 3-5 homes people can tour indoors and out.

Specialized or Themed Home Tours

Retro-inspired marvels, and homes that share a theme from quirky and kitschy to opulent and inspiring, we promote and host unique sets of homes to tour. Collectors of all kinds who want to celebrate and showcase their efforts are encouraged to nominate their home.

Photo by Atom Stevens – https://www.atom.photos/

“It’s so fun to open my home for Denver Modernism Week’s home tours! I enjoy seeing where I live through the fresh eyes of tour-goers, and sharing my love of midcentury design and decor with them! A delightful experience.”

Lauren, Mid-Mod Homeowner

Photo by Atom Stevens – https://www.atom.photos/

Signature Home Tours & Events

Mid-century homes were DESIGNED to host parties. Nominate a home for a signature tour, party, dinner, or other event where tour-goers are encouraged to mingle, sip, and enjoy time with each other.

Know of a Special Home or Condo that would be perfect for a tour?

Nominate one today, whether it’s your home or that of someone you know!

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