2022 has so much Modernism to do!

Purchase your amazing vintage wares at the Mod Vintage Market, or learn how to retrovate your home with our handpicked vendors at our RetroVation Expo. Love a good variety show? Come cheer on our cool and talented participants at the Miss Modernism Pageant. Don’t forget our car and camper shows, featuring vintage vehicles you won’t see just anywhere. Check out all the happenings below, we’re sure you’ll love all our events!

Retrovation Expo

This is our first year of the Home RetroVation Expo and we’re so excited to be putting it on! Past attendees of Denver Modernism Week have said that they wish there was a way we could help them to preserve and maintain and protect a home’s value. We think the Expo will be the place to help everyone do that!

Mod Market

At the Vintage Market, vendors sell everything from tableware to the dining table to set it on. You can find it all… Clothing, art, kitsch, and more! Our vendors are midmod specific, so if you’re searching for that unique object, visit the Mod Market instead of driving from antique shop to antique shop to find it.

Miss Modernism Pageant

This is our 12th year of the Miss Modernism Pageant, and we’re celebrating a dozen years of talent and fun! The pageant will get you laughing and in awe of our contestants’ unique abilities. It’s easy to participate, you just need to love a great time and hang out with other folks from our mod squad.

I love the excitement of the Denver Modernism Crowd! Everyone is so excited to tour the vintage trailers and it’s an absolute blast! Finding cool mid century wares and clothing is always a treat, too! Highly recommend!


Tours & Lectures

Whether it’s a neighborhood you’ve always been curious about or an architect you’ve just discovered in Denver, we’ve got educational and awe-inspiring events you can attend in person or online. Come enjoy the architectural marvels that Denver has to offer!

Vintage Camper Show

From tiny trailers to decked-out Airstreams that are to die for, check out all the amazing vintage campers folks have worked so hard to display. Tour these “homes away from home” and explore the world of vintage glamping while swapping stories with our camper folks. We would love it if you would bring your vintage camper, trailer, or RV, even if it needs a little love!

Vintage Car Show

Fins, curb-feelers, and chrome, oh my! From rat rods to perfectly preserved time capsules, if it’s on four wheels and it’s cool, we want to see it. Come hang out with your vehicle or take a tour and chat with our owners and see these magnificent machines.

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