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Why We Created Denver Modernism Week

People in the Denver area are lucky that so many innovative modern architects, designers, and builders were working here in the 1940s-70s, and that there was a robust economy strong enough to support their efforts. A small group of historians, enthusiasts, and others have long appreciated this cultural heritage, but it has become clear that as more new people move to our city, and more generations are raised in the area with only limited awareness of this unique period in time, building a greater cultural awareness of this design heritage is necessary.

Following the model of Palm Spring Modernism Week, which for years has been raising awareness of the architecture and design talent there, we created an event where great mid-century modern design can be experienced in a more profound and personal way than as pages in a book or images on a screen. By partnering with local businesses, institutions, neighborhoods, and non-profits that are all stakeholders in our history, we hope that preservation through education (and celebration) will prevail.

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About Our Organizers

Dana Sednek

As the majority owner and managing partner of DMW, Dana runs the operations and spearheads all of the event planning. She ensures that the organizers are connecting with the right partners, enrolling the best vendors, searching for venues and homeowners who are excited to show their homes on tours, and ensuring the events are friendly and fun!

Dana works as a founder and chief consultant for a company called Live Online Learning Solutions. Her favorite part of Denver Modernism Week is seeing all of the folks who come dressed up in their favorite vintage attire and celebrate as part of this vibrant community. Dana loves playing with the stereotypes from the Donna Reed and Patty Duke shows, among others, and reveling in how much she loves their vintage style (but not their vintage values or outdated gender roles!).

Atom Stevens

Atom is the creative director of DMW, and he co-founded it with Adrian Kinney. They intended to create something that Denver mid-century modern lovers/homeowners/enthusiasts could rally around, find a sense of community, connect. Atom created and maintains the brand, launches advertising campaigns, and directs a team of creative volunteers and paid consultants to support the event’s communication and marketing needs. He leads and supports the successful planning and execution of several events. Atom is a real estate broker specializing in mid-to-late-20th century properties in the Denver area. He also works as a photographer.

Adrian Kinney

Adrian and Atom co-founded DMW, and these days, Adrian is more involved in the “high-level” decisions that are made. He loves to help with neighborhood tours. House tours are his favorite part of DMW, and he is overjoyed when he sees the smiling faces of the homeowners as they show off their homes. His mantra is preservation through education. Adrian is a real estate broker specializing in mid-century modern home sales, and does design consults and helps with period correct renovations. He finds so much joy in helping his homeowner clients and the community-at-large sensitively update and restore their masterpieces. He loves the way modernism changed the way those that embrace the philosophy view the space of “home.” Modernism is about connecting with the lot/land around you and bringing the outside in.


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