August 19-28, 2022



August 19-28, 2022

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Denver Modernism Week, now in its sixth year, is an annual event designed to celebrate mid-century modern architecture, design, and culture throughout the Denver area. From August 19-28, 2022, we will be partnering with several volunteers, presenters, and sponsors to bring you a series of events. They will be fun, educational, and will raise awareness about exceptional examples of local mid-century modern design and architecture, the stories and people behind it, and will emphasize the importance of its ongoing preservation. These include home and neighborhood tours, our annual Mod Vintage Market (formerly Denver Mod), our new event, the Home Retrovation Expo, talks and slideshows, and more.

Format and event changes may be necessary to continue to foster the required social distancing measures this year.

2022 Events

Our events include the Home Retrovation Expo, Mod Vintage Market, walking tours, home tours, vintage car, and trailer shows…and so much more!

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors build awareness and connection to our community of folks who know and deeply care about midcentury modernism. You get behind-the-scenes peeks and get to be part of the invite-only closing party where you’ll connect with a who’s who of the Denver business world.

Exhibitor Opportunities

Showcase your retro modern expertise at one or both of our keystone events this year, the Mod Vintage Market and our brand-new event, the Home Retrovation Expo!

For me, DMW is Denver’s premier event for all things vintage. I’ve been attending every summer for the past 7 years, and it just keeps getting better. As a speaker, I appreciate the importance that the team behind DMW puts on talks and seminars, as they’re a wonderful way to keep history alive and provide perspective as to how we got to where we are today.

Erin B. (vintage enthusiast and DMW speaker)

What is Mid Century Modern Design?

There are many ways to answer this question, however in the context of Denver Modernism Week, we are specifi cally focused on the architecture designed by modernist architects and builders that were infl uenced by the Bauhaus School and the ideas of Frank Lloyd Wright, which inspired the most cutting-edge buildings in the city primarily during the 1950s and ’60s. While it is tempting to see modernism as a style, it is really more a philosophy that says that the design of a building should be driven by nature, context, and the human experience rather than by the preconceived notions of a particular style. By exploring new ways of enclosing space, using elegant (often exposed) structural systems, capturing natural light and ventilation, employing both natural and high-tech materials, embracing outdoor rooms, and so much more, mid-century modern architects believed in the ideal that well-designed buildings had the capability of elevating the human condition. We believe this idea is still true today.

Adjoining the great architecture of the time, we also celebrate the furniture, objects, clothing, general design, graphic design, artwork, music, technological advances, drinks and food, cars and other transportation, vintage style (but not vintage values), and other aspects of the same time period that would have been an integral part of mid-century modern living.

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Want to get into events for free and have a blast doing things like connecting with your community and dressing as a living mannequin? Volunteer!

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Whether it’s your home or a noteworthy example of mid-century modern architecture in the Denver metro area, we want to hear from you!

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Show your car or camper, participate in the Miss Modernism pageant, or be part of our other events and exhibits!

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